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The Differences Between Apple iCloud and MobileMe

Are you interested to know the differences between the iCloud and MobileMe? You may ask a question, aren’t they both cloud services?
MobileMe is Apple’s current cloud software and it’s a paid service that isn’t very popular at the moment. Apple iCloud completely defines the service and provides many more exciting features. MobileMe customers who have a subscription will get 25 GB of free storage until July 2012.
One great fact about the iCloud is that anything purchased from iTunes is excluded from the storage limit. This means you can purchase items on the Itunes store and it won’t count against your storage. Also, there’s a photo stream that doesn’t count towards your limit but the photos will kept on the cloud for 30 days. This is so that you can sync the photos across the multiple devices easily. You also get to sync contacts, Email, and account information.
You can add storage of personally iTunes songs for 25 bucks year for iCloud and be able to store up to 25,000 songs.
However, iCloud loses some features of MobileMe such as web hosting, galleries, or iDisk. These are features that very few people use as it is. Unlike MobileMe iCloud has a free version where you get 5 GB of space. You can also buy additional space if you feel like you need more storage. iCloud is a far better value because you get so much more for a lower price.
MobileMe is also going to be discontinued in July 2012. It makes sense to start using iCloud instead and to navigate over to that as soon as possible. It’s a great service for Apple users and it should also ensure that owners of Apple products stick with them because of iCloud. Google also will be coming out with its cloud service eventually(Google Music is already in beta) and it should be interesting to see how customers react to that and whether people prefer Google’s service over Apple’s service. Google Music is already an impressive service and it syncs with all Android devices.
Interestingly enough, there have been rumours of a Google operating system which could allow Google to create an all-encompassing ecosystem of devices. However, iCloud still looks like a service that should be looked into. Those of us with patience should wait till we see Google’s product before making a firm decision on iCloud.