Latest working icloud activation bypass tool an software

Last month I bought iphone x from ebay at very cheap rate of $280. The seller stated this iphone x comes with icloud activation lock. Even though the device is usable the owner stated not to factory reset else I would be stuck on icloud activation lock screen. It was working fine for couple of days. Last monday I was watching youtube and device froze. I force restarted my iphone X and it was stuck on apple logo. I tried couple of times to force restart but was not successful to boot it.

Now my only option was to restore the firmware using itunes. The device was detected on itunes and was able to restore it. I was going through the setup process and it got stuck in icloud activation screen. I tried every steps and tutorials found in forum and youtube videos but none worked for me. Lastly I found a video for icloud activation lock screen using doulci activator. The software was developed by team doulci which is free to download. I thought to give it a try and downloaded the software and followed the instructions. Took 2 tries and bam I was able to bypass icloud activation lock screen and was able to get my iphone x back. Even though I lost all my data and contacts, I’m happy to get my iphone x back . You can download the free software and follow the step by step instruction below

Doulci activator download link

Video proof with instructions


The instructions is quiet simple and only take 5 minutes if followed correctly.


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